I help business owners who are struggling with their marketing and sales processes. Learn How our AI Sales & Marketing Systems will help you generate 30 to 60 new Appointments on autopilot every month. Our programs are designed to empower business owners to connect with their target audience and 10X their goals personally, professionally, and financially.

Don't settle for stagnation; elevate your business & life

with personalized action plans.

Elevate your business and life with personalized sessions - Achieve more with expert guidance!


I am excited to share that I have invested over $100,000 in my personal development to become an even greater asset to your business. As a 10X Elite Sales and Marketing Professional, I been chosen as the number one 10X Elite Business Coaches & Consultant in the world. My approach is honest, positive, knowledgeable, passionate, disciplined, committed, and I always strive to go above and beyond to deliver results and reach our goals together.

As a 10X Elite Business Coach & Consultant, I have the opportunity to bring to your business over 30 years of successful strategies and techniques that Grant Cardone has used to generate millions of dollars in revenue each month. Our approach involves aggressive advertising & promotions and continuous testing and refining of marketing efforts.

When you work with me, you also gain the accountability of a team of 200 people who are dedicated to your success. "Your success is our top priority and greatest commission." Don't miss out on the opportunity to scale your business to the 7 figures.

Let me help you tap into the power of social media and automated sales funnels to reach a larger, targeted audience. I am ready to work with you to create a customized strategy that will help you achieve your business goals. Take the first step towards success and schedule a time with Glenn now.

Unlock Your True Potential with Glenn Torres

Personalized Strategies for Unmatched Success

Leap into the future with Glenn Torres. Experience transformative one-on-one sessions tailored to propel your business and personal life into new spheres of success. Every session is crafted meticulously to unearth growth horizons and forge robust strategies to harness your business potential. Be ready for a journey of unique goal-setting, unearthing hidden barriers, identifying developmental needs, and visualizing a unified path to success, unlike anything you've ever experienced before. Step into your power and taste the success you've always dreamed of. It's time, take the leap!


We are leading the industry with our data-driven Approach & innovative strategies.

My unique approach combines the latest technology with innovative marketing strategies to help businesses stay ahead of the competition. I partner with our clients to understand their unique needs and goals and tailor our solutions to drive 10X growth and success.


We are leading the industry

  • Exclusive Masterclass On Business Strategy

    Master advanced strategies to boost business growth and success.

  • Customized Business Audit Report Receive a detailed audit highlighting growth areas and opportunities.

  • Access To VIP Mentorship Group Join a community of like-minded individuals for added support and networking.

  • Monthly Implementation Guides Step-by-step guides to implement strategies discussed in sessions.

  • Insider Growth Hacks Newsletter Get exclusive tips and tricks to stay ahead in your industry.

  • Free Business Tools And Templates Access to essential business tools to streamline your processes.


Scope Our Services

AI Sales

& Marketing Audit

Are you ready to take your business to new heights? Glenn Torres, a 10X Elite Business Coach & Consultant, is offering a limited-time opportunity to receive a FREE AI Sales & Marketing Audit for your business.

Marketing & Sales Consulting

Are you ready to skyrocket your business growth and achieve unprecedented success? Join Glenn Torres, a renowned 10X Elite Business Coach & Consultant, for an exclusive consulting program designed to revolutionize your marketing and sales strategies.


Coaching Program

Unlock your full potential and accelerate your business growth with personalized coaching from Glenn Torres, a 10X Elite Business Coach & Consultant. Our exclusive coaching program is designed to empower you with the strategies, tools, and support you need to achieve exponential success.


Platform Access

Gain a year's worth of unlimited access to the industry's #1 sales and marketing training platform. Build a solid foundation for your $1 million business with proven sales and success strategies.


On Demand

Infinite Marketing A.I. helps you start, converse, and book more appointments on autopilot for your business so that you can drive more opportunities and sales!


Marketing Platform

Comprehensive suite encompassing website and funnel builders, email marketing, and more.

How does your business

benefit when you collaborate with us?

Maximize Business Potential

Unlock your business's full potential with personalized strategies tailor-made for your specific challenges and goals.

Identify Growth Opportunities

Discover new avenues for growth and expansion that you might not have identified on your own.



Overcome obstacles holding you back and create pathways to achieve your objectives more efficiently.

Goal Setting

Set clear, achievable goals that align with your vision and drive your business forward.

Development Needs

Pinpoint essential areas for development and implement effective strategies for continuous improvement.

Cohesive Vision

Craft a comprehensive vision that unites your business efforts and personal ambitions into a cohesive roadmap for success



Elevate your business to new heights with our proven strategies and expert guidance.

  • Proven Success: Our strategies have consistently generated new leads, increased appointments, and closed more deals.

  • Expertise: Benefit from Glenn's 30+ years of experience and knowledge in aggressive advertising and continuous marketing refinement.

  • All-in-One Solution: Our platform provides the tools and insights you need for limitless growth.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What if I don’t see immediate results from the sessions?

    Personalized strategies take some time to manifest results. However, you will notice incremental progress and actionable steps that steadily lead to your long-term goals.

  • How do I know these sessions are worth the investment?

    Our one-on-one sessions are designed to deliver tangible and measurable improvements by focusing on your unique challenges and goals, ensuring you get maximum value out of each session.

  • Can’t I achieve these goals by myself?

    While self-guidance is excellent, having an experienced consultant like Glenn Torres can provide you with external perspectives, proven strategies, and accountability to expedite your progress and overcome obstacles more effectively.

  • What makes your consulting services different from others?

    Glenn Torres offers highly personalized one-on-one sessions that are specifically tailored to your individual needs, ensuring customized strategies that align perfectly with your business and personal objectives.

  • I’m extremely busy; will these sessions accommodate my schedule?

    Yes! Our sessions are flexible and designed to fit into your busy schedule, providing you with the insights you need without disrupting your daily responsibilities.

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